The focus of Earthberry Botanicals is to provide a TRULY natural and all botanical line of health and beauty products for the people.

Founder - Kaylee HolzOur skin is our largest organ of our body system and anything we put on our skin is absorbed and processed by our liver. That is why it is so important to put only natural and food/plant based materials on your skin.

Currently in the United States there are no regulations for externally used cosmetics. That means cosmetic companies can say a product is “natural” or even “organic” even if it is not. (and MOST are not).

Being the fair/sensitive skinned strawberry blonde that I am, I was repeatedly frustrated with “Natural” products on the market as they contain all sorts of chemicals, preservatives and unnatural additives that my skin disagrees with. That is why Earthberry Botanicals exists. I was repeatedly dissatisfied with the way my skin reacted to most products, even the “natural” ones. I spent hours in the natural food stores reading the backs of countless natural products, only to leave the store empty handed and discouraged. That is when I decided to start making my own products in my kitchen.

Using my knowledge of plants, natural extracts and foods, additional research, and trial and error I devised a skincare line that actually worked for me! I know I am not the only one out there with extra sensitive skin and the desire to only feed my body and skin the best possible nutrients, so I started making products for friends and family and so Earthberry Botanicals was born.

All the products created by Earthberry Botanicals are free of chemicals, dyes, preservatives, acids, emulsifiers or other unneeded additives. Only plant-based materials are used and your skin will EAT it up!