Strawberry; herbal remedies from your garden

Strawberry Leaf; Just another miracle growing in your garden.

Mmmmmm…mmmmm……who doesn’t love a sweet, red, delicious strawberry?

We know that strawberries are great for your health, as well as your taste buds, but did you know that the entire plant can also be used a health tonic?

The berries may be done this time of year, but the green leaves stay around almost all year long and can be used in a health promoting and delicious tea. Delicious nutrition right out of your garden, and  it’s great for your skin and your whole body! We use strawberry leaf in our healing products.

It’s one of our favorite herbs to use in Earthberry Botanicals’ skincare. We organically grow our strawberry plants for our products in Oregon, USA.

Strawberry leaf  is used in the following Earthberry Botanicals products:

*Anti-Aging Skincare line*

*Clear Skin Line*

*Strawberry Detox  Mask*

*Lip balm and Healing salve*

Strawberry medicinal qualities, strawberry leaf tea

Strawberry leaf tea

Here are some of the many health benefits, vitamins, minerals and photo chemicals found in the strawberry plant:

Useful benefits and constituents of Strawberry leaf:

Vitamin C

Neutralizes the effects of free radicals and other potentially harmful toxins throughout your body, boosting your immune system and strengthening your ability to fight off infection and illness. This vitamin, along with ellagic acid and quercetin found in strawberries, provides antioxidant properties very useful to detoxify your body from external poisons such as pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals and other toxins produced by your own metabolism. Vitamin C helps facilitate the formation of collagen. Cooling Properties
Strawberries have cooling properties and therefore serves as a good poultice for sunburn, Rosacea, irritated skin, acne, cuts and scrapes.
The strawberry leaf ‘s tannin content makes it beneficial in treating inflammation.
Antioxidant properties that prevent the onset aging, free radicals, protects the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, because they confer them greater strength and flexibility, which protects them against breakage. Protects the collagen in the skin,( the intercellular “cement” which holds tissues together ) allowing to maintain its structure. Eating strawberries will help us keep the skin smooth and shiny and decrease the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, stretch marks, and scars
Citric Acid
A component with proven disinfectant, antiseptic and bacteriostatic properties. Inhibits the growth of bacteria.
Salicylic acid
Powerful astringent used in acne relieving products. Clears pores, constricts and shrinks pore size, expels toxins, dirt and oil. Salicylic acid is one of the top active ingredients in most any acne treatments because it works to get rid of dead skin cells that clog your pores, minimizes the size of pores and gives your face a fresher and more radiant glow
Vitamin E
Antioxidant, nourishes and heals skin, moisturizes, and helps regenerate new skin cells.
Women’s health
Contains Boron which can be able to stimulate estrogen production in females and consumption is recommended during menopause. Ellagic acid also is known to prevent breast cancer.



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