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Century Plant/ Agave

Yet another amazing and useful plant of the Southwestern United States (as well as Central America, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.). This plant has provided a main staple of food, medicine, textiles and other useful materials for the first people who have been inhabiting this arid land for thousands of years. In Tehuacan, […]

Arizona Cypress

Hello Readers, Im elated to share with you that I get the honor of trekking through one of my favorite bio regions, the Southwest of the United State of America. The plant diversity here in Arizona is incredible, as is the history of the first people’s relationship with these plants and how they used them […]

  YUCCA: SOUTHWESTERN FLORA OF THE DESERT   When most of us think of the desert, we think of rocks and cacti and sand and a rather barren landscape. However, this climate is home to many useful and medicinal plants that grow right under our noses. I am currently travelling through the Southwest of the […]

Glass is beautiful. It is made by melting sand at high temperatures and creating a solid, non-porous container. When it breaks down, it turns back into sand, thus completing a cycle of sustainable resource. This is the current result of the world’s overuse of disposable plastic products. Most of it ends up in our fragile […]

Strawberry Leaf; Just another miracle growing in your garden. Mmmmmm…mmmmm……who doesn’t love a sweet, red, delicious strawberry? We know that strawberries are great for your health, as well as your taste buds, but did you know that the entire plant can also be used a health tonic? The berries may be done this time of […]

All Natural

Introducing a NEW APPROACH to All natural skin care! Earthberry Botanicals LLC