Why We Use Glass- For the love of our planet, our bodies and for the future generations to come.

Glass is Beautiful and natural. It is made from Sand and turns back into Sand!Glass is beautiful. It is made by melting sand at high temperatures and creating a solid, non-porous container. When it breaks down, it turns back into sand, thus completing a cycle of sustainable resource.

trashThis is the current result of the world’s overuse of disposable plastic products. Most of it ends up in our fragile ocean ecosystem and causes harm to the delicate balance of life therein. Only in the past 50 years have we accumulated so much waste such as shown here in the photograph of a bay completed suffocated by plastic trash.

EarthberryBotanicals-66Glass does not float in most cases and sinks to the bottom of the ocean to be broken down into the harmless sand from whence it came

micro plasticThis is a photo of the free floating plastic that is found in our oceans. It is captured by pulling a small mesh net from the back of a boat to collect particles in our water. This plastic will continue to break down into smaller and smaller pieces until is molecule sized, people and animals ingest this causing extreme harm to organisms.

EarthberryBotanicals-57EarthberryBotanicals-69Glass is non porous.It’s molecular structure does not change with heat or cold caused by weather. Plastic leaches cancer causing fossil fuels into products that are contained in plastics.

plastic-ocean-gyres2 The Oceans trash eddies… The largest being off the coast of the USA. A plastic island more than 3 times the size of Texas and 10 feet deep.

fishplastic  Dead fish found with a belly full of broken down plastic

bird plastic  One of many birds found that have eaten plastic, thinking it was a fish or plant life, causing an extremely painful death.

EarthberryBotanicals-63  Big Changes happen when many people make small changes. Buy products bottled in Glassware. Be conscious of the plastic you buy. Vote with your money, support local sustainable businesses that care about the future of this planet and our children’s future as well as the future of the eco system of our only home planet, Earth. We are the care takers of this land, and every moment we are creating the current paradigm. You may not be able or willing to get dirty and clean up your local highway or beach (more power to you if you are able). Our biggest power is how we spend our money. Make a small change in your own life and watch it make big changes in the world. BUY GLASS….SUPPORT LIFE!

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